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Michigan State University

Patterns of Progress

Michigan State University leadership has identified 25 common metrics—or key accountability indicators—to use as a tool for tracking the transformation being brought about by the many Boldness by Design initiatives and activities taking place throughout the university.

With respect to the common metrics, seven guiding principles have been acknowledged:

  • Broad categories of institutional indicators will be used to track patterns of change.
  • More specific goals, targets, and milestones must be established within individual units for each imperative category.
  • Not all colleges, departments, and units will contribute to each strategic imperative, or equally so, but all must contribute.
  • Each college, department, and unit should be excellent in some strategic imperative areas and adequate in all.
  • Colleges, departments, and units should identify the subjects of their priorities within the framework of Boldness by Design; academic and administrative leadership will review and assess.
  • Unit planning and budget preparation should be strategically linked to outcomes.
  • Baseline data will be assembled for each indicator.