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Michigan State University

Innovating Our Future, Building on Our Past

Established in 1855 as a bold new experiment, Michigan State University became the prototype for the land-grant university system and spearheaded a movement that led to the development of a new educational tradition.

Michigan State University was founded on a visionary idea—that practical knowledge could be combined with traditional scientific and classical studies to create a rigorous higher education curriculum, providing equal opportunity for all to become citizen leaders and to shape the future of the nation.

This experiment was overwhelmingly successful. Today, Michigan State University is recognized as one of the top 100 research universities in the world and as one of the most successful in outreach among the members of the prestigious Association of American Universities.

This success is a firm set of core institutional values that we at Michigan State University hold as the foundation of our civil engagement with one another and with the society we serve. Three values are foremost:

  • Quality: dedicating ourselves to achieving excellence in all endeavors and to be recognized as among the best.
  • Inclusiveness: providing opportunity for learners from all backgrounds— who bring their passion and talent to join a vibrant, intellectual community built on mutual respect—to experience and to multiply the benefits of the power of knowledge through their lives.
  • Connectivity:creating and sustaining links among ourselves, among academic enterprises, to society, and to those we serve locally, nationally, and globally.

During the strategic positioning process, we will honor these values and use them as our moral and ethical compass while we innovate our future. Through Boldness by Design, we will recommit to making these values even truer and more relevant for the 21st century as we pursue our strategic commitment while continuing to advance knowledge and transform lives around the world.