Boldness by Design

Strategic Positioning of Michigan State University

Special Report:
Active and Engaged Learning

This special report is derived from an April 2007 presentation by Provost Kim Wilcox to the MSU Board of Trustees.

There are parallels between the bold experiment that characterized Michigan State University’s pathbreaking approach to teaching and learning in 1855 and the revisioning we are undertaking today to ensure our graduates are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The same energy, drive, and determination that gave us strength and focus in defining the land-grant mission provide the foundation for our transformation to world-grant.

World-grant Signature Pedagogy

To achieve Michigan State University’s goal of becoming the model for land-grant education in the 21st century, we must define what a world-grant education looks like. More...

Discovery-centered Learning

Discovery-centered learning encourages students to produce original work that contributes to the knowledge or activity of a particular discipline or disciplines. More...

Interdisciplinary Learning

Interdisciplinary education at MSU is characterized by strong disciplines that work together in positive ways. More...

Integrative Learning

Integrative learning asks students to connect skills and knowledge from multiple sources and experiences, apply theory to practice in various settings, utilize diverse and
even contradictory points of view, and understand issues
and positions contextually. More...

Translational Learning

Translational learning allows students to take what they learn in the classroom or lab and apply it in a diverse range of real-world and real-work settings. More...

Contextual Learning

Contextual learning is defined not only by the place, but also by the translation of knowledge to the specific environment. More...

Targets to Expand Active and Engaged Learning

Over the next five years, Michigan State will work to achieve a number of key goals that will advance our commitment to active and engaged learning. More...

World-grant Learning

A signature pedagogy for a world-grant institution captures a sense of the mission, purpose, and processes of a globally engaged university.

To be world-grant—and world-class— the learning experience must be

  • discovery-centered
  • interdisciplinary
  • integrative
  • translational
  • contextual


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